INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMMERCE AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT                         Volume 7: Issue 2, October 2014 Pg.


  Public distribution system and its performance: A North East India perspective–PARAG KR. DEKA AND DINESH SARMAH 231
  Convenience food buying behaviour of consumers in Coimbatore city–D. MURUGANANTHI AND S.D. SIVAKUMAR 238
  An analysis of supply chain of tomato from farm to retail outlets for spencers retail outlets in Bangalore city–K.C. PRAKASH 243
  Estimating wheat crop production by using different small area techniques–D.G. NAJEER AHMAD AND VINAYAK N. JALIKATTI 251
  Marketing of chickpea in Amravati district–S.P. PICHAD AND H.J.WAGH 256
  An economic analysis of processing of sugarcane in Beed district–R.R. WAGHMODE, K.V. DESHMUKH AND R.A. KOLAMBKAR 260
  Impact of on farm trials (OFT) on agro-technology for sustainable productivity of rice-utera cropping system in Chhattisgarh plains–V.A. VIKHE, T.B. CHAVAN, N.S. DALE, R.B. UMBARKAR AND V.N. ANAP 265
  Consumption patterns of rural household in Nanded district–N.R. BONKALWAR, D.J. SANAP ANDA.P. BABAR 269
  Development of a model to foster innovation culture : A study of small scale autoparts manufacturing industry of Punjab–B.S. SANGHA, T.P. SINGH AND AJAY BATISH 277
  Decomposition analysis of income difference between furrow and border strip method of irrigation in cultivation of wheat in the Malaprabha Command Area of Karnataka–SHREESHAIL RUDRAPUR, B.L. PATIL AND R.A. YELEDHALLI 284
  Consumer awareness towards food colour, flavour and their safety regulations : A study in Bengaluru city– VIJETA SINGH, G.N. NAGARAJA AND C. KAVYA 289
  Study of various characters and major practices used in cultivation of cotton varieties in Maharashtra–V.A. VIKHE, N.S. DALE, R.B. UMBARKAR, V.N. ANAP AND G.B. LABADE 295
  Business performance of milk union - A case of Belgaum district co-operative milk producers union limited (BEMUL) of Karnataka–SANTOSH B. BALIKAI AND N.M. KERUR 300
  Economics of emu farming in Marathwada region of Maharashtra–V.G. LANDGE, D.N. HEDGIRE, R.A. KOLAMBKAR AND P.R. MULE 305
  Corporate social responsibility : Effective tools to solve the social problem of society–SHWETA AGRAWAL, LEELAWATI AND ANSHUL SRIVASTAVA 311
  Costs and returns in commercial broiler rearing in Dharwad district–SHREYAV.AMARAPURKAR, C. MURTHY AND B.K. NAIK 316
  Study of consumer buying behaviour for wine with special reference to Sula vineyards–V.A. VIKHE, T.B. CHAVAN, V.N. ANAP, G.B. LABADE AND N.S. CHAVAN 320
  Procurement management of input and factors influencing commercial broiler rearing in Dharwad district– SHREYA V. AMARAPURKAR, C. MURTHY AND J.A. MULLA 325
  Socio-economic status and knowledge and their impact on trainees of K.V.K.–SEEMAPRAKALPA AND PRITI JADOUN 329
  Marketing cost, marketing margin and price spread of soybean in Parbhani district of Maharashtra –S.H. CHAVHAL, J.L. KATKADE, P.U. KAUTHEKAR, R.V. CHAVAN AND L.S. SUDEWAD 334
  Awareness and adoption of value added services offered by the banks in Coimbatore district–R. RAVIKUMAR AND A. RAJESH 338
  Evaluation of technical efficiency of rice farmers in canal and tank irrigated systems in Tamil Nadu–R. VASANTHI AND M. CHANDRASEKARAN 343




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